Standing around the braai one evening drinking the same old same old, the idea of starting a micro-brewery in Grahamstown was born. Family friends persuaded Mark, an avid home-brewer, to turn his hobby and passion into a career. That was in 2012. From then on Mark focused on improving his knowledge in the science of brewing, creating and perfecting his recipes, and slogging through the admin it requires to get a brewery up and running. We even had to leave our much-loved home and South Africa for two years to scrimp and save to realise our dream.

All our hard work and sacrifice has paid off and we are now an official, licensed micro-brewery, or rather nano-brewery. Our focus is, and will always remain, on being a local, family-run business, with the whole family getting involved in cleaning bottles, lifting pots, and ensuring the master brewer remembers to eat occasionally.

The “keeping it local” aspect of our brewery is important to us, and we want to give Grahamstonians the best there is. The brewery is situated next to Featherstone Kloof (the inspiration for our brewery’s name) and boasts an abundant supply of fresh spring water year round. The water quality and size of each batch are key in creating premium, truly hand-crafted beer. Each batch is brewed with love, fermented with care and hand-bottled to maintain consistency and excellence. We aim for Featherstone Brewery to be another addition to a growing list of things Grahamstonians can be proud of.

Finally, all this would not be possible without the moral and financial support of our family and friends. They have fed us when funds are low, helped us offload literally thousands of bottles one-by-one, let us unload our stress (and children!) on them, and made the vision of our brand a reality by helping to create our logo, labels and photographs.