Featherstone Brewery Est. 2015

News & Events

We are now sold out of National Arts Festival official ale! You may still be able to enjoy a bottle at Casa de Loco, the Rat and Parrot, or Red Cafe 

Delivery dates this week: September 19th and 22nd. On-site sales between 3pm and 5pm on Thursday and Friday.

Save the dates:


Saturday the 16th of September: Oldenburgia Trail Run (see here)

Sunday the 24th of September: Rhino Run (Kenton-on-Sea)



1Where can I get my hands on Featherstone Beers?
You can purchase by the dozen directly from Featherstone Brewery. Purchase at the brewery or have it delivered to your door. See our order form for details. Featherstone beers are also available at the following outlets:

Browns at 137 High Street
Casa de Loco
The Cockhouse
Gino's and The Vic
Graham Hotel and Calabash Restaurant
Haricot's Deli and Bistro
Mad Hatters
The Rat and Parrot
Red Cafe
Revelations Cafe
The Rustic Route
Belmont Valley Golf Club
Pick n Pay Liquor Store, Peppergrove Mall
Tops, Oak Cottage Spar
Blue Bottle Liquors, High Street

Stanley's Restaurant
Homewoods Restaurant / Jeremiah's
Continental Deli Tapas and Wine Bar

Port Alfred:
Graze by the River
The Bean + Olive Deli Cafe
Pick n Pay Liquor Store, Heritage Mall

Away with the Fairies
2Can I order Featherstone Beers if I live outside of Grahamstown?
At the moment we only have set delivery days in Grahamstown. However if you live in Bathurst, Port Alfred, Kenton-on-Sea, or Bushman's River Mouth, contact us about the possibility of delivery.
3Why do you offer a deposit on your bottles when other micros don’t?
We are able to offer a deposit on bottles as we distribute locally. This allows us to bring you beer at a more competitive rate and lowers the brewery’s impact on the environment through bottle manufacture and transport.
4How are Featherstone Beers so darned delicious?
Because we use only the best ingredients and take our time in crafting our beers. See “About Us” page for more details.
5Do you have a taproom or offer brewery tours?
Not at present. We hope to be able to introduce these options in the future. However you can purchase beer at the brewery by prior arrangement.